Imbued Vagary

Imbued Vagary - "to fill with odd things"

Imbued Vagary was initially the repository for all those pieces that Any Questions? (our main project) had created and recorded but did not seem to find their way into our actual album releases. After a decade of work on Any Questions? material, we were ready to look back at the earlier, non - Any Questions?, world of musical mayhem and sonic landscapes that we had created. Even though the earlier works were usually live improvs and less produced, they captured moments we felt were important and that we wanted to share. electronique, released in October 2001 was the realization of this aesthetic.

Fast forward to 02/20/10, Floating Fish Studios held its first in a series of Synth Jam Sessions. This series, which continues to this day, provides a forum for our fellow musical collaborators to create improvisational electronic music within the freedom of our state-of-the-art recording studios. The musical backgrounds of the ensembles gathered for each session influence the eclectic nature of the sonic experimentations produced. So, the Imbued Vagary aesthetic lives on and continues in these recordings we share with you.

The Imbued Vagary Collective 2023: 

Dan “The Man” 
Guillermo Pizarro 
Ho Magos 
James Krabiel 
Mary Mary 
Paul Doppelganga 
Steve O Man 
Thee Sub One Genius 
Ttam Troll