Imbued Vagary

Captured Moments 3

01 Metropolitan Pass
02 Clarity
03 Smearing Time
04 Home Dose
05 Gravity Well
06 Airto
07 Dismember Myself
08 Out of Nowhere
09 Cosmic Beam
10 Blue 47
11 Departure

Release Date:


All live improvisations performed and recorded by Imbued Vagary at Floating Fish Studios II

Mastered by Tommy T Rapisardi at DSBP Records

Copyright ©2021 Floating Fish Music

Release Notes:
This third installment in the Captured Moments series goes deeper into the dark pools of the electronic ocean.  Journey into the tidal pools of sonic delight and wallow in the electronic surf created by various subsets of The Imbued Vagary Collective.  These captured moments may well have you humming some sinister melodies as you submerge yourself.