Imbued Vagary

Live 2

01 Shadow Machinery
02 Plains of Industry
03 Pulsating Process
04 Utopian Gong

Release Date:


Tracks 1-3 live improvisations performed and recorded by Imbued Vagary at Floating Fish Studios II; Track 4 recorded live at 10th Annual SHAPE Solstice Arts Festival 06/20/15

Mastered by Tommy T Rapisardi at DSBP Records

Copyright ©2021 Floating Fish Music

Release Notes:
The first Live release in this series was the result of live performances that showcased the symbiotic relationship of men and machines in concert.  A mix of melodically inspired themes but with the non-traditional bent that makes all Imbued Vagary performances special.  This second Live release features three in-studio performances and one outdoor concert performance that highlights the Imbued Vagary Collective across multiple sonic environments.