Imbued Vagary

Wheels of Steel

01 Can You Dig It
02 Prisoner
03 Diseased
04 Super Mega Death Ray
05 Enclosed Tunnel
06 Garbled Communiqué
07 Construction
08 Spelunking Funking
09 Space Pulsars
10 Inharmonic Motion
11 Systemic Cross Chatter
12 Perforation
13 Confused Intrigue

Release Date:


All live improvisations performed and recorded by Imbued Vagary at Floating Fish Studios II

Mastered by Tommy T Rapisardi at DSBP Records

Copyright ©2021 Floating Fish Music

Release Notes:
Imbued Vagary continues to assimilate new members into its fold and as it does so, it expands the Collective’s musical (and nonmusical) acumen.  The sonic experiments on Wheels of Steel highlights such an expansion and showcases the turntablism of Paul Doppelganga.  Combined with the electronic soundscapes that Imbued Vagary are known for, an exciting and unique form of electronic music emerges.